Are you looking for the perfect packaging solution for dental implants? Then there’s really only one option: Our DentalImplantPack is high-quality individual packaging for dental implants with and without implant mounts. 

Strictly speaking, every single dental implant is a miniature work of art. And that’s exactly how they should be treated, both during storage and transportation. DentalImplantPack lets you play it safe here.

This plastic tube is suitable for dental implants with a diameter of up to 6.5 mm and a length of up to 22 mm. Anti-rolling protection integrated in the closure provides additional safety in sterile operating theaters. DentalImplantPack reliably protects implants against damage and contamination during transportation and storage.

Our plastic packaging impresses in many different ways, not least due to its ergonomic design. It’s easy to open and close, and intuitive to use. Contact us today and discover how our packaging solutions can meet your specific requirements.