Bone drills, such as those used in orthopedic surgery or neurosurgery, require comprehensive protection during transportation and storage. Shocks, vibrations or other impacts can all too easily lead to deformation or breakage of these delicate instruments. Our packaging solutions ensure perfect all-round protection for sinus lift drills, ENT drills, skull drills, ball nose end mills, and many more.

Do you need secure packaging that will guarantee your bone drills arrive safely at your customer’s premises? We can help you! For example, with our TopPack XPress. Thanks to its specially shaped base, this packaging tube allows easy insertion and removal of bone drills. At the same time, the base holds the drills firmly in place. TopPack XPress can be used as primary packaging. 

We also recommend some of our other high-quality packaging solutions for your bone drills, such as our QuadroPack TipLine and our TipCover tip guard. Our TelePack packaging tube is also an excellent choice. It offers stepless length adjustment via a ratchet mechanism, making it a universal solution that can accommodate items of various dimensions. In addition, our versatile all-rounders BlockPack and TwistPack Plus have proven themselves as reliable packaging solutions. They also provide effective protection for bone drills both during storage and transportation.

Our plastic packaging impresses in many different ways, not least due to excellent ergonomics. All our products are easy to open and close, and intuitive to use. Contact us today and discover how our packaging solutions can meet your specific requirements.