From laboratory supplies and instruments to diagnostic samples and test kits. Our versatile packaging solutions ensure everything is safely housed and neatly stowed away. Time to get things organized inside your drawer units? No problem! Our AQURADO® storage system will be happy to help.

When working in the lab, precision is paramount. We can support you with sophisticated packaging solutions for your lab and diagnosis products – no matter whether you need to safely store consumables or are searching for suitable secondary packaging for test kits. Accessories for diagnostic devices can also be easily stored in our cleverly designed packaging solutions. We offer the perfect packaging for your lab equipment.

We have the right packaging for every application

Whether you need to package products in the field of diagnosis or are looking for organizational aids for your laboratory equipment: We’ve got you covered.

Standard or tailor-made? We can do both ...

We stock a wide range of standard packaging. Whether plastic tubes, boxes or cases; whether round, square or transparent, they all have one thing in common – they will optimally protect your products and prevent damage. Are you looking for packaging that’s tailored to your product and meets your specific requirements? No problem! In this case, we’ll find the right packaging solution together. Just tell us what you need!