Whenever they are needed, time is usually of the essence. In many cases, every second counts. Therefore, it’s crucial that the contents of first aid kits are clearly organized and immediately accessible. To guarantee this, we offer a range of proven plastic packaging solutions.

Our customers use our appealingly designed tubes, boxes, and cases to package a wide range of products – including first aid kits. Our UniBox and ConsumerBox plastic boxes really shine here, as their versatile designs allow them to cover multiple application areas. Both boxes are available in many different sizes. 

Your products will also be neatly organized in our RoseCase ErgoLine and RoseCase ProTec cases, both of which combine an appealing design with impressive functionality. The perfect storage solution for your first aid kits.

Have you been fruitlessly searching for the right cover for your product? Then just give us a call – together, we’ll find the right packaging for you.