We’ve been developing our own packaging for sterile and non-sterile applications from day one. As a result, we have a tremendously capable engineering department that works closely with our senior management, sales team, location managers and product managers. This interdisciplinary approach has consistently led to the development of successful products.

We’re always happy to make our expertise and extensive experience in developing innovative plastic packaging available to our customers – by working with you to develop your own customized packaging solution. During this process we also focus on meeting the respective medical requirements, differentiating your products from the competition and ensuring innovative product benefits.

And when it comes to designing your customized packaging the possibilities are virtually infinite – rose plastic medical packaging offers literally thousands of different packaging types and sizes. You can also choose from our 20 standard colors or a color of your choice (e.g., your corporate color). We can even add a custom imprint to your packaging. Take advantage of our various options to give your packaging a unique touch. This can help to effectively differentiate your product from the competition and thus increase its success.

What our employees say ...

I work at rose plastic because I am not only allowed to think about things in peace. But also to think out loud.

Markus Pfau, Project Management

What our employees say ...