When it comes to product packaging for medical devices, extremely high standards must be met. We understand this. Which is why we supply packaging that optimally protects your product – and also puts it in the spotlight.

In order to develop perfect packaging for medical devices, one thing is essential above all – knowledge of the industry. This is exactly where we start, because we know that the field of medical technology is characterized by a large number of mandatory requirements. Ultimately, we are dealing with products that will come into direct contact with patients. It is therefore all the more important to properly protect these sensitive devices until they are used. Choosing our packaging means placing your products in the safest of hands. When it comes to the functionality and safety of our tubes, boxes and cases, we simply aren’t satisfied until even the tiniest details are right.

We have the right packaging for every application

Standard or tailor-made? We can do both ...

Our packaging solutions are used for an incredibly wide range of applications. In the field of orthopedics, for example, pedicle screws, bone plates and implants are perfectly at home in our low-germ packaging. Even medical instruments such as scissors, scalpels, mirrors and tweezers find safe harbor in our versatile plastic tubes and boxes.

We stock a wide range of standard packaging. Whether plastic tubes, boxes or cases; whether round, square or transparent, they all have one thing in common – they optimally protect your products and prevent damage. However, they also do much more than this. Our packaging also emphasizes the value of your products.

We know that in the field of medical technology the pace of development is relentless. The products are becoming more diverse and the demand for sophisticated and innovative packaging solutions is growing. Naturally, we always welcome your input when working with you to develop the exact packaging you need – and for which you have probably been searching for a long time. Talk to us – we relish a challenge!