We’re all familiar with regular tweezers. But with forceps, which are classed as surgical instruments, it’s a different story. Forceps come in many different variants – micro forceps, bayonet forceps, cosmetic or anatomical forceps to name just a few – each tailored to its specific area of application. We offer various packaging solutions to address all these requirements.

Little things can make a big difference. Our tip guard, TipCover, is one such small yet significant element. A tiny guardian, to be precise. It comes in six sizes with lengths ranging from 28 to 36 mm. But TipCover does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It shields the delicate tips of surgical instruments – during transportation and storage. Yet, this protective cover can do even more. TipCover shields users from potential injuries caused by the sharp edges and tips of medical instruments such as forceps.

Our customers frequently use our BlockPack, TwistPack Plus, and TelePack plastic tubes to package surgical instruments such as forceps. These packaging solutions are characterized by easy handling. Opening and closing them is effortless, which simplifies the workflow for medical staff and saves time.

Furthermore, the tubes feature universal length adjustment so they can be easily adapted to accommodate surgical instruments of different sizes, including forceps. This ensures safe, tailored storage.

These packaging solutions also benefit from a non-slip design for improved handling and secure storage of the forceps. Thanks to their texture and shape, they ensure a secure grip and protect the forceps from damage during transportation and storage.

Our plastic packaging impresses in many different ways, not least thanks to excellent ergonomics and stylish, well-thought-out designs. Contact us today and discover how our packaging solutions can meet your specific requirements.