Do you want to pack your product in a sturdy package that ensures it will endure even the longest transport routes and emerge completely unscathed? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our plastic boxes are reliable, virtually indestructible and easy to handle.

The list of products that find a safe home in our boxes is simply vast – care and hygiene products, hose and adapter systems, therapy needs, medical devices as well as sports medicine products, to name just a few. Even very small and micro tools or drills can be securely packaged by means of suitable shaft receptacles.

Which of our storage boxes will you choose?

Browse our range of round or square boxes, transparent or colored, with or without print, for sterile or non-sterile applications. We realize that all these options can make choosing difficult – so let us send you some samples! But what if none of them is quite right? Naturally, we also cater to custom requirements and can adapt our packaging to suit your products.